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We have been providing the cheapest uk web hosting with excellent technical support since 2006. Why not try us? We offer 14 day unconditional money back guarantee on all web hosting accounts.

Domain DNS Management

Easily manage your domain name’s settings from your control

Automated Control Panel

We are constantly adding new features to our control panel to make hosting with us as easy as possible

Excellent Support

We’re always here to help with any issues that come up, all you have to do is ask


We can help lock down your site with additional security and virus protection

Easy Transfers

We provide a free migration service to move your hosting over to us, all hassle free for you

Easy Upgrades

Need more space or features? Let us know and we will always do our best to help

Our Hosting Offer

With UK Cheap Hosts, cheap hosting does not mean “cheap” hosting!

Don’t let our name fool you. Our servers based in the UK run on Cloud Linux coupled with Atomic Secure Linux which provides the ultimate in web security. No need to worry about installing bloaty third party security plugins or spending money on expensive cloud based security products.

We do Weekly Full Cpanel Backups for you and keep off site historical copies. Did we mention that we run our servers on Enterprise SSD Drives on RAID 10? On top of that, all our clients enjoy FREE SSL Certificates for their web sites. Ask your current host if they provide all this, we doubt it very much.

Put simply, we offer quality web hosting in the UK from £12 per year.

Free Automated SSL For your websites forever

We are able to offer our clients free SSL certificates for all their sites at no additional cost. So if you are using a wordpress login or accepting payments for an ecommerce site, then no longer do you need to worry about renewing certificates each year or obtaining a unique ip as our cpanel autossl system will manage your ssl certificates automatically. Having your web site with SSL also benefits your search engine optimisation (SEO) as certain search engines consider sites that have a security certificates as being more secure and therefore give them extra ranking points. Since January 2017 google chrome clearly displays in its browser whether a site is “secure” giving your web site added credibility to visitors.

SSD Drives = High Performance Hosting and Reliability

At UK Cheap Hosts, unlike other UK hosting providers, we use SSD drives in order that your web site hosting is fast and stable. Many UK web hosts will use non SSD hard disks with a read and write speed of between 80 – 120mb a second. SSD drives will read and write at between 450 – 650MB a second which is almost 5 times faster! SSD drives are ideal for hosting accounts which require a lot of read and writing to and from database becasue unlike standard drives, SSD drives have no moving parts so are less susceptible to damage, wear and tear. We also implement RAID 10 technology which is the most stable method of organising hard drives as it provides ability to hot swap drives and allow our web hosting customers site’s to remain online during essential maintenance.

Security = Protection For your Data and Reputation

Security is very important for us and we use managed firewalls and various scanning tools to protect your sensitive data. All UK web hosting packages are protected with the high level protection from Imunify360 from Cloud Linux which is an industrial level firewall offering protection from Zero Day attacks, Web Attacks, Denial of Service, WebShells, Malware, Brute Force Attacks and more! We also scan our UK web servers daily using specialist scanning tools in order to detect any malicious code or files hiding in your web site which could cause damage to your visitors and your reputation. Most web hosts will offer little or no protection at all whereas we spend a great amount of resources analysing and protecting our web servers from malicious attacks 24/7.

Backups = Business Continuity

Uk Cheap Hosts includes in all it’s UK web hosting packages, full, weekly cpanel backups which are sent to a secure off site location. We maintain copies of web site backups for a minimum period of 3 months so in the event of a catastrophic failure on the web server -or- you need to retrieve a backup of your web site for whatever reason, then be assured that we will be able to retrieve a copy of your web hosting files for you and keep your business up and running. Backups are one of the most overlooked parts of web hosting but we take hosting backups seriously becasue we understand that having a backup is crucial to business continuity. If you need to have more frequent backups such as daily or even hourly, then please contact us.

We Provide Reliable and Cheap Hosting in the UK

If you are looking for reliable and cheap hosting in the UK with a trusted and established company who has been providing uk hosting solutions for over a decade, then look no further. Our server are equipped with the very latest SSD drives for optimal performance and British technical support.

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Founded in 2006, we have been offering outstanding hosting, domain and e-mail support since then to all of our customers and all from our UK office.

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