Value Pack Web Hosting

Perfect Hosting For One Web Site

With 500MB of fast professional web space and 5GB of bandwidth coupled with the famous Cpanel Control Panel offering you a range of installable features such as WordPress, phpBB, Magento plus over 100 other one click install software, this is value at its best.

Hosting Specifications

  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • 500MB Fast UK Web Space
  • 5GB Bandwidth per month

Pricing Options

  • 1 Year – £12.00
  • 2 Year – £22.00
  • 3 Year – £30.00

Value Web Hosting FAQ

If I run out of space can I buy more?
Yes, each allocation of 500MB is 12 gbp per year. If you find you are running out of space on your value account, simply raise a support ticket and we will upgrade your account for you.

Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?
Unfortunately not. Offering unlimited bandwidth degrades the service for other users because the more bandwidth used means that your site is getting a lot of traffic which in turn means it is using up more cpu power which in turn slows down the server for other shared users. Our value pack offer 5GB of bandwidth per month which is more than enough for most standard, startup or small web sites but if you need to increase that, we can offer either: 25GB per month or 50GB bandwidth upgrades on an annual prorata basis. The monthly 25GB limit costs 40 gbp per year and 50GB costs 60 gbp per year. If you are using more than 50GB of bandwidth per month then you should probably consider getting a VPS or dedicated server.

Are the Value accounts on a shared or unique ip?
The value hosting accounts are placed on a shared ip. If you would like a unique ip for the purpose of an ssl certificate or seo purposes, its possible to contract one for 75 gbp per year.

Can I “sublet” or “resell” space via add on domains?
Reselling space on your value hosting account is a violation of our Terms of Service and your account may be suspended or terminated if its discovered that you are selling this way. If you are reselling space, then you need to obtain one of our cpanel reseller accounts where you are free to resell web space.

I need to run special scripts for my third party software
Shared hosting although flexible can also pose restrictions in terms of what php functions are enabled. If you need custom configurations beyond the restrictions imposed on shared server configurations, then you need to consider getting a VPS server which allow you maximum flexibility such as root access and ability to configure the server how you like.

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If you are looking for reliable and cheap hosting in the UK with a trusted and established company who has been providing uk hosting solutions for over a decade, then look no further. Our server are equipped with the very latest SSD drives for optimal performance and British technical support.

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